3-Year-Old Girl Approaches a Pregnant Sheep And Helps Deliver a Baby on Camera!

Little girl helps deliver a baby! (Video)

If you live on a farm, you’re exposed to birth all the time because of all the animals you take care of. For one 3 year old little girl, she was about to experience the act of birth. In this video, you’ll watch a mother’s recording of her 3 year old daughter helping a lamb give birth. The little girl looks so innocent as she asks her mother questions while she helps. Trust me, you’re going to enjoy this clip.

The 3-year-old, Lilly Nicholas, and her mom Rachel, from South Wales in the U.K, were carrying out a routine evening feeding in their stables when Rachel noticed one of the ewes going into labor. “It was just out of the blue,” said Rachel. In her tiny overalls with her sleeves rolled up, Lilly has impressed the world with her lambing skills. Rachel said Lilly finally felt comfortable enough to deliver the baby lamb herself, as long as her mom was talking her through it. The video shows the incredible moment Lilly built up her strength to tug on the tiny lamb’s legs at their barn.

It’s unique and spectacular!

In the footage the excited little girl is seen kneeling on the straw and guided by her mother, Lilly pulls out the newborn, shouting excitedly: “I got it.” She then correctly guesses the sex of the lamb, yelling: “Yay! A girl.” “On the day the video was filmed I had just delivered a lamb and Lilly had been watching. So when another ewe was about to give birth she rolled her sleeves up and said she’d do it. I decided to capture it on video. I never expected it to go as viral as it has. It’s just gone crazy.’ Rachel said, “Hopefully she’ll stay connected to the farm and her animals.” This video has gone viral attracting hundreds of thousands of views, and this is not surprising – it’s really unique and spectacular!

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