A Man And His Dog Jump Into Freezing Water to Save Two Other Dogs

They jump into the freezing water (Video)

If you happen to need your faith in humanity restored, allow us to treat you to some footage of a man saving two dogs from drowning in a frozen reservoir. Winters in Irvington (New York) can get cold – freezing even. New Yorker Timofey Yuriev was walking his English Golden Retriever along the reservoir in Yonkers when he saw the two dogs, who had fallen through the ice. The temperature had been so low for the past few days that the lake in the reserve had frozen over, making it imperceptible to the poor wandering dogs.First I heard the screaming, the woman screaming for her dogs,” said Yuriev.

Having fallen through the ice, the dogs had been paddling in place, but were visibly becoming tired. Stuck, panicked, and slowly freezing, these dogs could have perished within minutes. Timofey Yuriev knew that the dogs could freeze to death before any help could arrive, and that he had to act fast. So he decided to action, without hesitation, he took off his clothes jumping into the water to save these dogs’ lives —followed by his own dog, Kira, who was keen to help. She was not about to let her owner jump into the freezing lake by himself, with no-one to protect him!

A wonderful act of kindness

She jumped in and swam with her owner, as he broke the ice in front of him and made a path for the stranded dogs to swim through. Yuriev believes she knew what he was doing, and wanted to help him save the poor dogs in the lake. “Kira helped me a lot, because she would come to every dog and touch them on the nose to round them up”, said Yuriev. Having grown up in Kazakhstan, Yuriev’s grandfather, a hunter, had taught him how to stand cold, and how to prepare yourself! These must’ve been rough lessons, but they proved themselves very useful in the end! Watch the video, without this man’s courage and selflessness, these dogs could have died in the frozen lake. Thank you for your bravery Timofey!

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