A Neglected Dog Is Filmed For 6 Weeks At The Neighbor’s House – Forced To Live Outside

He filmed for 6 weeks the neighbor’s dog (Video)

If only animals could talk, for sure they would tell us unlimited stories of injustice! But since, they have no voice, there are those who can and will speak for them! This is the case of the actor Justin Long, who in this video that we propose, narrates the sad story of Charlie, a sweet dog who is inexplicably denied access to his owner’s house and is kept isolated in a narrow and dirty corner of the garden!

Thanks to images filmed by a compassionate neighbor, we can see with our own eyes the terrible condition that Charlie, this unfortunate dog lives in and is forced to endure. Charlie is yearning for love, just like all the other neglected dogs out there. Dogs don’t have a voice, so we should speak up for them. If you see any dog who’s being abused or neglected, please report it to the authorities as soon as possible. Take a video or a photo, and make it known. You could be the only hope for that poor dog.

A hard life!

Can you imagine what life is like for a neglected dog forced to live outside the house? It must be a hard life. Watching your owners through the window, seeing them living a comfortable life, while you’re there outside, braving the cold winter, and trying to find shelter from the heat of the summer. It must be a really lonely life. Charlie has been experiencing that kind of life. Watch the video that a concerned neighbor took of Charlie. This video was shot in a period of six weeks.

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