A parrot eats and a dog is watching, what happens next is so cute!

Watch what’s gonna happen!

What does it mean to have a friend? It means we can count on someone who will never abandon us in our time of need and will do everything possible for our welfare even to the point of depriving themselves of something. It’s funny how animals are so friendly and helpful towards each other, and most of the humans are not! We could learn a lot from them!

This is the true meaning of this video that we present and it acquires, even more, significance due to the fact that the two friends do not even belong to the same species! As he watches the parrot, the dog seems to be confident that his feathered friend will certainly remember him and not forget to share the food…. and we call them “animals”!

Household-animal friends!

When you think of household-animal friends, two dogs, two cats, or a dog and a cat come to mind, right? But you probably haven’t considered the cutest of them all. This bird-dog duo can’t be matched in adorableness. What makes them so special, you ask? They aren’t cuddling or making adorable noises. Instead, the bird does something special!

Clearly, birds like dogs way better than they do cats, and we can see why. If we learned anything from Looney Tunes, other than umbrellas do nothing to protect you from falling rocks, it’s that cats and birds don’t mix. And that simple truth is playing itself out in viral videos. It just goes to show, the enemy of your enemy doesn’t have to be your enemy.

What happens next is so cute!

Source: likemag.com

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