Abandoned Pregnant Dog Rescued Just Hours Before She Gives Birth – Heartwarming Rescue

Heartwarming rescue (Video)

There is nothing worse than the thought of a stray animal in need of food and health care without anyone there to give these essentialities to it. It’s even worse when that animal is pregnant or trying to nurse her babies. This is what happened with this rescued dog, who has been named Java, after she was found pregnant and rescued by several people who came together in order to get her to a safe place. Apparently, Java has been abandoned in the backyard after her family moved away and left her there. How could anyone abandon a pregnant dog? We have no idea, but her story might have ended very differently if it weren’t for the help of a few compassionate humans. 

Luckily, the people in the neighborhood were very dedicated to helping her and getting her to a safe place where she could receive the medical care she urgently needed. When the doctors checked up on Java, they were surprised as to how she was a bit late in giving birth, and for some reason was waiting until she brought her puppies to the outside world. The rescuers were trying to do their best to find somewhere that had space enough for her and her puppies, but it was proving to be a harder task than they thought. However, in the last minute, they finally found someone who was willing to take her in. Amazingly, the moment Java’s mother instinct sensed that she settled down in a secure spot, she gave birth right away.

She needed a secure spot to give birth

The owner of the rental property found Java just in time. He contacted the people that had been renting the property, but they claimed that they had never heard of Java in their lives. She gave birth to nine healthy and adorable pups, four girls and five boys, and you can see how relieved she was to know that she and her puppies are safe and comfortable. It was an exhausting night for Java, but she was as friendly and lovable as ever. She even let the staff members handle her puppies. “She’s a very good mother,” one of the staff members said in the video below. After a while, both Java and all of her adorable puppies found forever homes. Watch the video, it’s truly a wonderful thing to watch, we are very grateful for this wonderful group of people who helped Java and her puppies in having a peaceful life.

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