Adorable 3-Year-Old Girl Serenades Her Horse To Sleep – Heartwarming Moment

Horse comes running when she starts singing (Video)

Children are full of wonder, excitement and innocence. Time and time again, their kind-hearted nature leaves us speechless. And that’s exactly what is happening with this precious 3-year-old and her horse. Myf is a 3-year-old girl who’s growing up surrounded by animals in a beautiful farm in Roma, Australia. The little girl loves her life as a country girl and spends most of her time in the cozy company of the farm animals. These days, she has taken to serenading her horses, and it’s the sweetest thing ever! This video was taken on a quiet afternoon on a pleasantly sunny day.

Myf sees that all the farm animals have been fed and it’s time for the critters to doze off. Thankfully, the cameras were rolling with little Myf started singing to her horses, Chester and Teddy. The youngster climbed up onto a post and belted out the sweetest serenade. But the moment she starts singing Michael Jackson’s classic “Heal The World”, her two horses come running to her! They look spellbound as they rest their heads beside Myf and hear her soothing melodies. Myf smiles and strokes her two buddies as she bewitches them with her peaceful song. Toward the end, the horses are in a complete trance as they close their eyes and fall into a deep slumber.

She successfully sang the animals into a peaceful slumber

This toddler had successfully sang the animals into a peaceful slumber. It’s in these precious moments that we can truly appreciate the beauty of our children and animals. Despite her young age, Myf has an undeniably powerful hold over her horses. Myf singing to Chester and Teddy in the mesmerizing farm backdrop is one of the most appealing things I’ve ever witnessed. Watch the video but keep your volumes up!

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