Adorable Dog Loves Petting All The Other Dogs At Her Daycare – Priceless Reaction

Priceless reaction (Video)

Dogs enjoy being pet by their owners. They even have specific spots that they want you to pet for as long as they want. But this canine loves receiving pets, and she insists on petting other dogs too. A heartwarming video that is going massively viral online shows Ruby, a German short-haired pointer, petting other dogs at her doggy daycare located in Burlington, Ontario, and it has everyone going “aww”.

She loves to place her paws on top of other dogs’ heads. Ruby is a very friendly dog – and the world loves her for it. Sometimes, her touch helps soothe other dogs when they are a bit upset or stressed. Ruby is a regular at the daycare along with her brother, Miles. A woman named Alanah Lorraine, who brings her dog Lexy to the same daycare, was the first to notice Ruby’s peculiar actions. She started capturing these moments on her phone.

Ruby always trying to make friends

Alanah made an effort to compile and edit short clips of Ruby petting other dogs into one video. Although sometimes the other dogs would react confused, eventually, they might have seen it as an act of playing. One dog that she petted even rolled around, hoping that Ruby would play more with him. Watch the video, if you want something wholesome and heartwarming, it will make your day.

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