After 7 Months Apart, He’s Reunited With His Missing Dog – Heartwarming Reunion

Heartwarming reunion (Video)

I can’t imagine losing my dog, accidents happen but I would be just beside myself and I would never stop looking for her.  Just like this Texas family, I would never give up. This is an incredibly moving reunion between a man and his dog and it all happened thanks to a microchip. Dora, the German Shepherd, was scared by fireworks and jumped the fence in her backyard and run away, leaving her family devastated.

For seven months, she was missing while her human frantically searched for her. He never gave up hope and did everything he could, but he couldn’t find his beloved dog. However, their luck suddenly changed almost exactly 7 months later when they received a phone call from CCAS for animal adoption where they scanned her microchip and were able to locate her owners. As luck would have it, this scared and tired dog was Dora! The family was elated to hear Dora had been found! When they went to pick her up, the reunion is just incredible!

Crying happy tears

The reunion was very emotional, she wasn’t wagging her tail or happy like any another reunite, she was missing her family, Dora being reunited with her daddy will have you crying happy tears instantly, but watching this video is totally worth the watery eyes! Without her microchip she might have never reached her family. Watch this emotional dog’s reunion, they can’t contain their emotions!

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