Astonishing Ending For Loyal Lost Dog Waiting For Owner – Emotional Reunion

An Emotional Reunion (Video)

This is the case of Jingu, a sweet white dog that for some reason, had become lost. Jingu was alone, on a busy street, patiently waiting for his owner, an elderly man. Many people passed in front of Jingu, evidently wondering who the dog was and why he was there, still. In the video, the dog can be seen standing on the road and looking out for its owner, many people turned up but none of them were Jingu’s owner.

Employees of a shelter dedicated to helping homeless pets received a call about Jingu. He was incredibly nervous for a few minutes. They take him to the shelter where at least he would have a roof over his head, food to eat and water to drink. But Jingu was always waiting and looking at the door as if he was waiting for someone. Many people came to the shelter trying to identify their lost dog, but no one was Jingu’s owner. One day, while Jingu was eating his food, he heard someone call by his name. His tail started wagging and immediately he stopped eating. He recognized his owner’s voice!

He was so overjoyed to see his owner again

The whole thing was captured on video and immediately went viral. The reunion was very emotional, he was missing his family. Being reunited with his owner will have you crying happy tears instantly, but watching this video is totally worth the watery eyes, the two are so relieved to have found each other again!

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