Baby Adorably Helps German Shepherd Overcome Fear Of Sprinkler – Hilarious Reaction

Dog overcome fear of sprinkler (Video)

On the video, we can see the dog watching on from the side, seeming a little nervous as the toddler steps closer and puts his hand into the water stream. Luckily for this particular German shepherd, the baby is around to show the dog that there’s nothing to fear from this jet of water. The child points to the sprinkler, as if to indicate it’s perfectly safe. The kid even runs a hand through the stream, as if to say, “Hey, it’s just water! It’s fine! It doesn’t hurt at all!”

But the dog thought it was too dangerous for the tiny human. That stream of water might injure his friend! He nudges the toddler aside and with all his might, goes snapping at the evil water gushing forth from the sprinkler. He gives it a few choice bites, pulling back whenever the power of the sprinkler overwhelmed him. His toddler friend finds it amusing though. The two may not speak the same language, but they communicated just the same — and that’s pretty special. No way is he going to let that sprinkler get the better of him! He backs up every now and then but continues the attack, snapping at the stream of water when he can. How much damage he’s inflicting is anyone’s guess. He’s a fighter!

He did an excellent job!

This tough boy is not backing down. He runs off a bit, maybe to nurse his ego, but eventually comes back with force getting in a few blows when he can. All he wants to do is avenge his little human! It’s very sweet when you think about it. Those protective instincts kicked in when the dog assumed there was danger. He thought the child was in harm’s way so he pushes the kid away and takes the dangerous situation head on. What a good boy! This woofer should be getting extra treats. Watch the video and see how this dog plays protector!

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