Baby Bulldog Throws A Major Tantrum When His Mummy Is Trying To Teach Him To Walk

Puppy throws a major tantrum – His reaction is adorable (Video)

Every mother has to deal with a child throwing a tantrum at least a few times in their motherhood life. They give their mum attitude sometimes! Elvis the English Bulldog puppy gives his mum, Patches, a few choice words. Her little one must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning because he is in a mood and not afraid to show it. Elvis is an “only puppy” from his mother Patches. He was born with a cleft lip and this makes it look like he has a permanent Elvis sneer, hence the name. His adorable sneer is not the only attitude Elvis has though, he has some major attitude.

When he is unhappy everyone will hear about it, especially his mother. Thankfully, Elvis had more than a caring dog mama, he also had a caring owner. On this day Patches was watching Elvis very closely and Elvis was not having it! Elvis had no problem getting right in his mother’s face and start to growl, except because he is still so small his growling is just adorable. He might think he is a tough one but, as they say, mother’s know best. Patches knows she is still the mom and she stays right where she is. When Patches paw accidentally lands on Elvis’ face, that is when Elvis gets even louder with his tantrum. This even makes their owner say, while Elvis is still barking and growling at Patches, “Oh, he is going to mad at you! Whoa, he is saying don’t do that. Oh, you’re a fierce bulldog, oh my.”

He wants a break from his overprotective mom

He wants a break from his overprotective mom. Patches keeps trying to get close but soon has had enough herself. So, she finally lays down a few feet away from Elvis. Once Patches stops paying attention to Elvis, Elvis wants his mom. Elvis has to do the apology snuggles to try and get his mother to forgive him for the tantrum. Patches tries to ignore her for a bit, but there is no mother that could not forgive that cute face. Watch the video, what happened next shows that Elvis is just like every other baby, or should we say puppy.

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