Baby Elephant Throws A Major Tantrum After Failing To Catch Annoying Dog

Baby elephant tries to catch annoying dog (Video)

In a blessed case of animal play-time, this small elephant cub enjoys a game of tag with a local dog, at Chiang Mai’s Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. The sanctuary is a heavenly abode for the recovery and rehabilitation of rescued elephants, dogs, cats, and buffaloes, among other animals. The park offers tours to the visitors who wish to closely observe the lives of the animals living freely in the sanctuary. In this video, the dog is just a little bit faster than the young one and darts away easily when the cub attempts to chase him. The baby elephant seems pretty confident that he can catch the dog and doesn’t get discouraged very easily.

Meanwhile, the older elephants watch on, keeping an eye on the cub. The dog almost seems cocky the way he taunts the little elephant. I mean, I’ve had dogs do the same to me, it’s one of their favorite games; pick something that could never catch you and tease it into chasing you. Just like idiots, we fall for it every time…at least I do. He’s literally running circles around the cub! Tourists look on as well as the elephant elders, all laughing at the young elephants spent efforts. I’m sure when this little guy gets a bit bigger, that dog will certainly change his mind about giving this trunked toddler a hard time! Soon, it is clear that the bulky baby elephant cannot keep up with the swift and agile dog.

Here comes the tantrum

After repeated tries, the frustrated elephant is forced to concede defeat. The cub does seem to be getting increasingly frustrated with not being able to catch the dog. He begins huffing like an overtired toddler losing at a game. He swings his trunk at the dog in desperation! Frustration building, when our little cub fails to catch up to the dog yet again, he kicks a pile of straw before angrily flinging some over his shoulder. Watch the video, the poor elephant even runs to his mama to tell on his furry friend’s sneering behavior.

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