Baby Horse Can’t Make The Jump – How Mama Steps In Is Melting Everyone’s Heart

Mama horse tenderly teaches baby to jump wall (Video)

There’s no denying that we could all use a little “mom advice” at times. Even animals need their moms too, like the colt in this video who couldn’t jump over a wall. As all moms know, we pride ourselves on always being there for our little ones as they discover everything the world has to offer. This insanely sweet video, it instantly grabbed our attention because it perfectly captures the bond between a mother and child—or in this case, a mare and her colt. This sweet footage won the internet’s heart.

It all started on a farm where the colt was being kept in their fenced-off yard. As it turns out, his mom had jumped to the other side, which made him want to follow her over the wall. However, even though the bricks aren’t built up high – for the baby, it seemed like a difficult task. The mare realized her baby couldn’t get over the wall. After seeing her baby in distress, the mare returns to show him how it’s done. She amazingly teaches her baby how to overcome the obstacle. There’s nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her child. Whether the baby was too scared or just didn’t know how exactly to “jump” – it was clear he needed a little guidance.

He was feeling stuck

The mare went trotting past her baby towards the back of the yard, causing him to quickly follow. She was ready to give him a valuable lesson in “hopping fences.” Of course, you can’t just stand by one and expect to jump over like a bunny. Nope, you need some running speed to make the leap. She offered a visual demonstration to the colt. Once the mare’s as far as she can go, she starts trotting back towards the brick wall with her baby by her side. Many viewers have fallen in love with the jumping tutorial. Now, this baby conquer his fear and strengthened his relationship with his loving mom.Watch the video, mama horse give her baby a lesson. It’s just too sweet, we can call her horse mum of the year!

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