Baby Teaches Scared Puppy to Climb Stairs – Priceless Moment

Priceless moment (Video)

When you’re still a baby, the world can seem like such a big big place. For puppies and babies alike, climbing the stairs can all seem a little tricky. Thankfully, a 1-year-old toddler named Mia is more than willing to teach her scared puppy (Husky), Teddy, how to ascend the big, scary staircase. The sweet moment was caught on camera.

In the footage, Mia’s dad explain: “Teddy had never seen stairs before and was intrigued by them so we thought we would show him it’s ok and how to get up them! At first he was a bit worried past the first steps but soon enough he’s flying up and down with his best buddy Amelia.” Mia is the best person to teach Teddy how to use the stairs – as she’s only just learned for herself. She might be only one-year-old, but she’s already mastered the art of climbing! Teddy, on the other hand, is a little rusty. As Mia begins to climb, she’s so enthusiastic that she’s already halfway up the stairs before Teddy has even made it onto the second step! It’s clear that the puppy has it in him to climb the stairs, but his fear of climbing them is what’s holding him back!

Baby climbs ahead to demonstrate how to do it

“Teddy likes to stick by Mia’s side so he follows her up and then down then up then down haha, great exercise for them!” Mia’s dad added. “We’re also teaching Mia how to safely descend the steps as this applies to any object she then climbs, she needs to go bum first!” Watch the video, the footage then skips to two weeks later, and it’s amazing how much the pair have come on in that time!

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