Bossy Toddler Hilariously Tricks Great Dane Into Giving Up His Bed

Toddler lets his giant dog know exactly who’s boss (Video)

“Big things come in little packages” and “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog” are two quotes you have probably heard tons of times, but nothing embodies those two little phrases better than the video you are about to watch. Dogs and children share a few similarities— mainly in their tendency to think they control house. But, what would happen if a dog and a toddler were to stand off? In such an adorable power struggle, what party would reign supreme?

Thanks to this hilarious video, we may finally have that answer. If you know anything about dogs, you are probably already aware that some of the biggest, “meanest”-looking dogs can wind up being the sweetest, friendliest pups ever. But when they aren’t teaching your kids something new or having a blast playing around, BIG dogs are also apparently BIG pushovers. In the video, viewed nearly 4 million times, you see a tiny toddler attempting to assert his dominance with a giant Great Dane.

The toddler gestures at the Great Dane, ordering the pup to get out of his bed

Up until that moment, the black pup has been laying quietly in his dog bed, minding his own business. But soon, the toddler walks up with a little request. As this tiny little baby waddles towards her giant Great Dane, it is clear she is on a mission. Clad only in a diaper, the toddler gestures at the Great Dane, ordering the pup to get out of his bed. When she starts to bat at the dog, I was honestly worried about what he might do. But just like the other big sweethearts we have seen, this big pup knows that sometimes things aren’t worth a fight, and this one knows that what baby wants, baby gets, and immediately gives up his big comfy spot in the corner. Watch the video, huffing and puffing, the dog rises from his bed— only to see the sneaky toddler completely snag his seat.

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