Camera Catches Mother’s Sweet Gesture When Puppy Starts To Cry, Unable To Find Her

A sweet gesture (Video)

We would be hard pressed to find something sweeter than this adorable litter of two-week old golden retriever puppies. The little balls of fluffy fur are so adorable. Although they don’t do much when they’re really young, they’re still fun to watch. Since they don’t walk yet, the puppies get around by scooting, which makes them even more adorable. Not to mention how loving their devoted mother is as she carefully watches over them, caring for their every need.

All the puppies, minus one, seem perfectly content. They’re all curled up, sleeping the day away. But one puppy wants his mom. Somehow separated from his litter mates on the other side of the box, the near blind pup cries frantically for mom, who quickly returns to the box. Slowly and quietly, she stands at the entrance…just watching. She wants to make sure this isn’t an emergency. The mom checks over her pups and she calming gets back in her box and lays down with her puppies. The little crying pup quickly realizes he is not right next to mom and continues to kick up a fuss.

The scene is so tender, we just can’t get enough

As he continues to carry on with his panicked crying, mom sweetly gets up to comfort him. Soon she lies down next to him and he finally calms down. The video of these puppies has been viewed over 1 million times and we can see why.  No wonder the family wanted to keep an eye of this little family in their living room. Time goes by so fast.  Soon enough these pups will be escaping their box and giving mom a run for her money.  In the meantime, mom is enjoying her puppies while they are tiny, even if they have loud puppy voices. Watch the video, the scene is so tender, we just can’t get enough

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