Cat Sniffs An Object Which Belongs to Its Deceased Owner – He Will Touch Your Heart

The cat cannot get over the loss (Video)

In the common imagination, cats are extremely independent animals. Many people have even questioned if cats were attached to their owners. The video we are showing you today disproves these beliefs. If you are ready to be moved, the images of Toby the cat will touch your heart.

Toby is a 5-year-old cat who grew up with his 50-year-old owner Viviana, who unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago. The cat cannot get over the loss. The video published by Viviana’s daughter, Elizabeth, proves this. Toby has lived with Viviana ever since he was a newborn kitten. She had taken him with her in the early days of his life and she had cared for him until her death. Elizabeth gave to her grandmother a ribbon that Viviana used. In the images, an elderly lady (Viviana’s mother and Elizabeth’s grandmother) makes Toby sniff the ribbon from his late owner’s hair.

Woman and cat were deeply connected

Toby’s reaction touches the heart: as soon as he smells the object he rubs himself against it repeatedly. In fact, the cat had already aimed that hair elastic. Toby had seen the ribbon before on a piece of furniture and tried to get it. The family didn’t understand what he was doing until they went to see what he wanted to take with his paws. Watch the video, as soon as the cat perceived the scent of his human mother who had flown to Heaven, he began to rub himself against the object, as if she were still with him and could give her some cuddles.

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