Cockatoo Says Goodbye To His Lifeless Partner And Gives Him One Last Kiss

Cockatoo says goodbye to his lifeless partner (Video)

For a long time, humans have wondered if animals could feel the same emotions as we do. On the asphalt, there was a galah cockatoo that was hit by a car on a road in Australia. The curiosity-arousing incidents that followed have gained much attention on Social Media. The cockatoo had fallen to the ground and a few more cockatoos were seen several meters away from their immobile companion.

In the video that went viral, one of them looks devastated. The bird approached him and caressed his head in a bidding-final-farewell manner. They are highly socialized birds and thrives in small flocks. Interestingly, during their lifetime of 40 years, if they mate for once, it’s for life. This explains the heartbreaking gesture of grief the cockatoo displaced at the loss of his loved one.

Last kiss

The little, but touching act of affection will indeed make empathy-lacking humans reflect on themselves. After several resuscitation attempts, the cockatoo decided to give him a final kiss of goodbye. A very sad moment, this is the last time he will see his partner. Watch the video, the farewell at the end will break your heart.

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