Confused Parrot Inspects Bird Toys But Then They Start Chirping – Hilarious Moment

The parrot doesn’t like them at all (Video)

Do you know the DigiBirds? They are electronic birds that can sing and come to life in the palm of your hand. DigiBirds can also whistle 24 songs. It looks like funny toys! But what would happen if you presented a DigiBird to a real bird? Apparently we are not the only ones who have asked ourselves this question.

One of the most confusing-yet-entertaining concepts for pets is toys. This video is a good example. Although the video had a few years old, that doesn’t make her any less fun. In the video we see a parrot, named Sir William. Parrots are beautiful creatures, and they are as intelligent as they are good looking. But what will the bird think of these robotic versions? The parrot’s owners placed the interactive tabletop birds known as DigiBirds on the floor of their house. The bird then saw them and walked over to check out the new arrivals.

The parrot thinks they are real

But when they started making noise the irate parrot attacked with full force, pecking one with its beak and knocking it over. During a fight it is difficult at times to remain calm and the more you become agitated the angrier you get! This parrot is nothing short of furious with these toys. Watch the video, this is the hilarious moment a confused parrot attacked toy birds in its home because it thought they were real.

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