Couple Accidentally Locked Themselves Inside Their Newly Purchased Dog Crates

These dog owners got stuck in the dog house

A California couple accidentally locked themselves inside their newly purchased dog crates, as seen in a now-viral video viewed over 12.5 million times. “Jerry, I can’t get out!” yelled cage-bound Stephanie Ferrari. The couple was testing out four dog crates to see which ones were the best fit their pups, Cane, Corso and Mal. After two dogs went inside their respective crates, the 25-year-old encouraged husband Jerry to go in one of the crates too.

“Go! Good boy,” she joked, as he hesitated to test it out. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, the dog mom also decided to test out a cage. After a few seconds, the door slammed behind her and the couple realizes they are both locked in the crates. With nobody to help them escape, the couple began to panic in laughter as their dogs barked for help. After two minutes of being locked up, Ferrari’s husband managed to maneuver his cage to face hers and successfully unlatched his wife’s door. Finally free from the confined space, she sighed with relief. “Why did we think of that?”

“I can’t get out!”

The dog owners said if they couldn’t free themselves, they would have used Alexa to call their neighbors for help. Many users were shocked by the mishap, with nearly 7,000 comments on the viral video. “How did this happen,” one person asked. “I understand one person in a crate but how did you both get tricked in the crate?” Ferrari replied, “I thought I had a genius idea for a video and we didn’t think it through clearly.” Watch the hilarious video!

In the viral video, the man goes towards the crate and gets in. His partner then gets into the crate next to him and closes the door behind her.


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