Couple Filmed Abandoning Their Dog – Watch The Poor Dog’s Reaction!

Filmed abandoning their dog! (Video)

It’s heartbreaking to find abandoned animals left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, there are many irresponsible people who throw their pets away, and some don’t even bother to take them to an animal shelter. When you make the decision to get a dog, you really should be considering it as a lifetime decision. Dogs are amazing creatures and loyal companions, they deserve a loving forever home. Our four-legged friends are wonderful, and integral family members.

But unfortunately, there are too many people who do not treat their animals with the love and respect they deserve. There are people who get tired of their dogs, as if they were an old piece of furniture, and think they can just abandon them. This heartbreaking video is shocking people from far and wide.  According to the video, a heartless couple on a motorcycle tries to abandon their dog in the middle of the road and then attempt to leave. At first, the dog doesn’t seem to understand and stays close to the motorcycle. The couple seems to have no remorse!

They try to escape on a motorcycle!

That was filmed in Medellín, Colombia, you can see how the dog runs after them and then tries to jump onto the motorcycle in a desperate attempt not to be left alone. But each time the couple on the motorcycle push the dog away. It’s terrible to see. The poor dog continues to run after the motorcycle and puts himself in danger of the oncoming traffic. He nearly gets hit several times. The heartbreaking images immediately went viral as so many people were shocked and angry by what they saw. Watch the video and help us spread this story to raise awareness about this issue and deter anyone who wants to abandon an animal, which unfortunately exists worldwide. 

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