Couple Rescues Wolf From Freezing River, Mistaking It For a Dog

Saving a wolf from certain death (Video)

What would you do if you came across a wild wolf in the woods? One couple had such an encounter, but the wolf they stumbled across was near death, desperately stuck in an icy river in Italy. Initially they thought it was a dog. The couple immediately called the Monte Adone Centre, a volunteer organization that rescues and rehabilitates injured wildlife. The wolf was dying before the group’s eyes.  He was conscious while standing in the river, but his hind legs were nearly paralyzed, and exhaustion and the frigid water were taking their tolls.

Volunteers acted quickly and got the nearly dead wolf, who was later named Navarre, out of the the water. He was undernourished, paralyzed and had 35 lead pellets lodged his body. His heart stopped as soon as he was pulled from the freezing river. He was succumbing to hypothermia, but the courageously group of people got him brought him back to life, he needed immediate CPR. The crew diligently performed chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

He opened his eyes and took a breath!

Things were not looking good for Navarre. Then, incredibly, he opened his eyes and took a breath. After several diagnostic tests, two weeks of intensive care in the infirmary, monitored 24 hours 24, Navarre started to walk. He was transferred to another enclosure of the Centre, suitable for his rehabilitation, which requires a gradual recovery of motor function without subjecting him to excessive physical effort. The video shows the rescue and evolution of Navarre. It’s moving to see him gradually regain strength, what a beautiful animal!

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