Couple Spends a Year Trying To Rescue A Dog Until They’re Finally Able To Convince Him

Couple tries to rescue a stray dog (Video)

Rescuing an animal is something that takes time. You have to first gain the animal’s trust, encouraging them to keep returning to you until you can take them in as one of your own. That’s exactly what one resilient couple did when they discovered a starving stray dog on their property. When they first found him, Joe and his partner, Marla, could only stand back and let the dog bark at them – a fearful attempt to intimidate his wannabe rescuers. He visited the couple for a year, but never mustered the courage to approach a man and a woman. He preferred to observe everything from afar.

Thankfully, Joe and Marla were not the sorts of people who would give in that easily! Joe figured that if the dog was too afraid to come to them, he’d make sure his stray buddy didn’t go hungry – by bringing food to him. The couple suspected that the dog, who they’d named Scooby had been abused. After multiple failed attempts to catch him, they knew that this was going to be a difficult rescue. They were very worried about him, as many days were cold and with bad weather, and the dog more than obviously had no roof over his head. Winter came, then spring passed, and the summer season arrived. One day, however, everything changed – a real little miracle happened during the walk. around their home, Scooby finally appeared out of nowhere.

They knew that this was going to be a difficult rescue

They had no idea where Scooby had been all winter, but he looked a little happier and more assured, and was comfortable getting closer to Marla and Joe. The stray dog ​​approached them for the first time, then followed them every step of the way. Not that they knew it at the time, but at that very moment, Scooby had adopted them both – they didn’t have a say in it! By late summer, Scooby had started coming up to the couple’s home. Though he had more confidence, he was still a little skittish. As a final push, Joe decided to let out his own dog, Samson, to meet Scooby. The pair immediately hit it off, becoming dog buddies from the moment they clapped eyes on one another. And that was that: Samson convinced Scooby to come inside his home. Watch the video about a stray dog who has been gathering the courage for a year to get closer to his future loving owners. All good at the end!

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