Cupcakes Go Missing From Kitchen – Camera catches The “Thief” In The Act

Camera captures hilarious moment (Video)

Cakes… the delicious smell coming from the kitchen once they come out of the oven, hard to resist! And this is certainly what one of the members of the Schlander family thought. Sometimes, mom cooks cupcakes for the family, but they disappear mysteriously and no one confesses to having eaten the succulent desserts. So what to do if the cupcakes on a table in the kitchen disappear regularly?

Exasperated, the parents installed a hidden camera to surprise the thief. What a surprise when they discovered the truth! After the family’s freshly-baked cupcakes kept disappearing and no one confessed, they set up a cupcake cam to catch the culprit. The camera will help to see who could steal the cakes and solve this mystery. What they discovered surprised them! Sure, setting up a hidden camera is little sneaky but, how else were they going to figure out who the cupcake thief was?

The cake thief!

For several days they disappeared very quickly without explanation. Who could be the culprit of this horrible crime? Someone couldn’t resist the appeal and smell of cupcakes, and could eat several at once! Needless to say… they must be tasty! Turns out that we caught the cupcake-loving pacaderm in the act, in this video, she manages to eat 5 cupcakes in few minutes… Watch the video if you want to see the guilty caught red-handed! It will be hard not to laugh!

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