Disabled, Young Woman Is Refused At The Entrance Of A Cafe With Her Assistance Dog

The scene aroused the indignation of many Internet users (Video)

Although the law guarantees access to cafes for people with disabilities accompanied by a service dog, this young woman was turned away at the entrance of an establishment in Castres, France. In the video, viewed more than 4 million times on Social Media, the dog owner is visible in her wheelchair at the entrance of the café Les Saveurs du Temps. The owner of the business tells her: “Whatever the rules, with or without the dog, you’re not coming into my café. I have the right to refuse customers. Whatever the regulations madam, I am at home here. It is I who will file a complaint against you, you prevent me from working.”

In an accompanying statement on the social media site the dog owner, called Mathilde, wrote: “I wanted to go inside and buy a coffee, but the owner shut the door in my face because I was with my assistance dog. Mathilde explains that she suffers from three genetic diseases: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, mast cell activation syndrome and cluster headaches. French law states that places open to the public that refuse entry to assistance dogs accompanying people with disabilities are liable for a fine. Article 88 of the law of July 30, 1987 guarantees access to “places open to the public”, including cafes, guide dogs or assistance dogs accompanying people with the “mobility inclusion” card bearing the words “invalidity” and “priority”.

Discrimination and a shameful humiliation 

A friend of the café owner told news source France Bleu that Mathilde had “blocked the entry” to the café for over an hour while she reminded the owners of the law and called local police. Excluding people with disabilities is not only illegal in France but also “discrimination, a shameful humiliation and a mistake”. A police investigation is now underway. Watch the video, this type of situation shouldn’t happen. A deplorable scene.

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