‘Diva Dog’ Refuses to Drink Tap Water Even When His Owner Try to Fool Him – Hilarious

Dog refuses to drink tap water (Video)

Henry the 5-month-old French Bulldog likes to enjoy the finer things in life. The diva dog, who belongs to 29-year-old Lizzi Pallister, has a number of daily demands – including bottled water over the tap variety. Owner Lizzi believes the pooch initially saw her young daughter drinking from a bottle and became fixated with the idea.

He turns up his nose at tap water poured specially for him, by nudging the bowl and refusing to drink it. He’s even got savvy to Lizzi’s attempts to re-fill water bottles from the tap and ‘wants’ her to open the fresh bottle in front of him. Lizzi, from Exeter, admits she now spends around £40 a month on Henry’s fussy water habit. The dog owner said:  “I’ve never met a dog like Henry before. He has to be the centre of attention, he’s 100 percent a diva. Each morning when I put the tap water down on the floor, he nudges it then sits looking at me like ‘nice try – where’s my bottled water? I go through two packs of 12 bottles of water each week, it costs about £10 a week. I have to do shopping for the family and buy him bottles of water. I’ve tried putting tap water in bottles and he knows. He wants me to open the bottle in front of him, as if he’s saying ‘I’m not a fool.He’ll wait until I put the bottled water in and then drink it. So not only does he have his own food, he has to have his own water too.”

She now spends around £40 a month on Henry’s fussy water habit

But Henry’s demands don’t stop here – he also refuses to climb the stairs and sleep alone. What’s more, he sometimes gives Lizzi the silent treatment by ‘turning his back’ on her if she stops him sitting on her knee. Lizzi adds: ‘He won’t walk. I had to start carrying him up the stairs and he would wait for me to take him back down. Sitting on the sofa, he has to be sat with us. I was like ‘this dog is needy.’ When we are going for walks, he stops and makes sure everyone fusses over him.Watch the video, this ‘high maintenance’ diva dog refuses to drink water from the tap.

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