Doberman Pinscher Mama Adopted an Abandoned Newborn Kitten – Heartwarming Moment

Heartwarming moment (Video)

A mother’s love knows no bounds, and this Doberman pinscher mama proves that applies no matter the species. Just a week after birthing a litter of six puppies, Ruby accepted and nursed an abandoned newborn kitten as though she was her own. It’s a story as heartwarming as it is adorable. While cleaning gutters at her aunt’s house, Callan heard the kitten “screaming its head off” and discovered the tortoiseshell kitten near the garage. Possibly, the baby was only two or three days old. “Of course, me being an animal lover, I had to go check it out,” said Callan. Low and behold, there was a helpless kitty. 

Callan and her cousin, Nicole Gibbs, watched to see if the kitten’s mother might return for her, but later they took the kitty inside when they heard coyotes. Gibbs named her Ramblin’ Rose after her late father’s favorite song by Nat King Cole. Ramblin’ Rose was incredibly small and still had part of a dried umbilical cord attached to her, leading Callan to conclude she was just a few days old at most. Newborns need milk to survive, and right next door, Ruby was still nursing her own week-old puppies who hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. Callan decided to introduce the two. 

Their relationship has progressed to an incredibly adorable level

After an easy introduction, Callan opened the kitten’s little mouth and placed it on Ruby’s smallest nipple. “She took right to her and didn’t seem to mind at all,” Callan says. In fact, the dog became quite attached to her “adopted” baby. Their relationship has progressed to an incredibly adorable level. Ruby even seemed to prefer the kitten, gently carrying her by her scruff to nurse away from the larger puppies. The puppies are rowdier than the shy kitty, so Ruby often scoops her out of the pen and lays with her on the couch. Watch the video, despite their energy difference, Ramblin’ Rose and her new puppy siblings also get along great. Callan says they snuggle up together at night, sleeping soundly as a little family. 

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