Dog Dances On ‘Billie Jean’ And Imitates Michael Jackson Doing The Moonwalk

The dog imitates Michael Jackson (Video)

A lot of people have tried to do the famous Michael Jackson-style moonwalk. The King of Pop left his mark on music but also on dance. Almost 12 years after his death, we continue to listen to his music. This time it’s a dog who knows how to move and who made us listen to one of his hits! The animal is watching and copying the movements of the King of Pop.

Billie Jean is one of Michael Jackson’s most famous songs. It was a worldwide hit that made you want to move, dance and sing. An iconic hit that made many people dance. Among them is a dog who has gone viral on social media since the video’s has been released. In this video we can see an adorable doberman watching tv. On the screen is Michael Jackson, playing Billie Jean. And the dog seems super interested in what’s going on, especially when the King of Pop is dancing.

The dog does the moonwalk

The dog even manages to make its own version of the moonwalk! The owner of this charming doggie filmed this amazing moment. Her dog looks very happy and doesn’t hesitate to get on his hind legs. It’s impossible not to fallen under the spell of this dancing dog. It must be said that a cute dog video easily gives me a smile and puts me in a good mood! And we all need them right now! Watch the video, it’s a hilarious but also an adorable moment.

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