Dog Desperately Chases After Owner’s Car After Being Dumped at The Side of The Road

Dog runs after owner’s car (Video)

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people who take advantage of an animal’s loyalty and leave it heartbroken and alone. Everyone knows when you adopt an animal, it’s for life. It’s a massive responsibility and it’s not a play toy to get on an impulse. Many animals form bonds with their owners but few come close to a dog. Depending on the breed, they latch onto their human with an excitement and happiness that’s eye watering. So imagine the heartbreak of seeing a dog so attached to it’s owner that it follows his car as it’s being abandoned at a lake in California.

In the clip, which is steadily spreading around the internet, a man in a black Sedan car can be seen getting out of his vehicle, before physically beating and then abandoning his dog. What the man probably wasn’t banking on was the dog’s fierce determination to hold on as well as someone filming him. The owner begins to use his hands and feet when his dog tries to follow him back to the car, before forcibly throwing him out when the dog manages to get back in the driver’s seat. Once the man is able to get the dog far enough away from the car, the pooch raises his front legs and places them on the car. You can just imagine it thinking: “Hey, what are you doing? Why am I not in the car? Wait, where are you going? You’ve forgotten to put me in.”

Help us find the man who did it

God, even writing what that dog was thinking was heartbreaking. The footage in question was recorded by Steven Sage Silver, who was in his car less than 100-yards away from where the incident took place. Silverwrote on Social Media: “These people were hitting this dog in the face when I first approached them. They then abandoned the dog after the male tried to get into a physical altercation with me. As he drove off he was yelling: ‘It’s your dog not mine’.”Kern County Animal Services has reportedly opened an investigation into the animal abandonment. Watch the video, thankfully, the dog has been picked up and is now being cared for at a shelter.

The owners could face misdemeanour charges if their identities come to light.

There is simply no reason to treat an innocent animal like this. It breaks my heart to see how this dog was betrayed, and I hope his owner is brought to justice swiftly.


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