This Dog Escapes His Home To Find Another Family. The Reason Will Melt Your Heart!

Dog Escapes His Home! (Video)

Baxter the dog goes through what many unloved dogs go through. Chained outside, and subjected to neglect and abuse, Baxter is not in a home filled with love. This video is beautifully made; it’s got drama, a heartbreaking beginning and a happy ending! But in this touching video of the Blue Cross for Animal Charity, Baxter breaks free from his chains and runs away in search of a better life.

As Baxter makes his way through the night in search of a loving family that he deserves, he meets many friends that help him on his way.. Gloria Gaynor’s song “I Will Survive” sticks to his story. The lyrics of the song take on a whole new meaning. “With your help, the animals will survive“… this is the wonderful message of this spot of the English association “Blue Cross for Pets“.

They wait to be loved!

This dog has moved scores of viewers to tears… scared and alone, Baxter roams the streets. This terrific spot in favor of adoption of animals could make you shed a tear, even if this adorable dog makes playback… The use of this universal song for this video is deeply touching! Yes, our four-legged friends have the desire to survive and will survive! Watch the video, they wait to be helped and loved! 

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