Dog Escaping Home Is Told To Go Back Inside After His Owner Spots Him On Ring Cam

Dog realizes that he has been “captured” (Video)

Danger was averted for a dog who escaped her backyard after her owner forgot to close the gate behind him. And it’s all thanks to the dog being a very good girl and modern technology! I got into my car to go to work and I was convinced that I had closed the door of the house. After 30 minutes, I received an alert on my smartphone. From the cameras, I saw Sadie ran away! explained her owner.

Sadie is seen stepping outside the gate and looking down the driveway and barking. She wandered around the neighborhood, barking at all the other dogs, as if she wanted to invite them to join her! She didn’t know someone was following her the whole time! That’s when her dad used the microphone built into the surveillance camera to instruct her to go back home. Her dad decided to use there‘two-way speaker of the camera and scream his name: Sadie“. The video of Sadie has recently spread on the web and has made thousands of people smile. The clever four-legged friend thought she could get away with it, but she didn’t know that her dad was already ready to stop her plans!

She recognizes dad’s voice

At first Sadie didn’t know what to do, but she recognized dad’s voice and Ring’s camera captured what she does. “I spoke through my Ring and Sadie actually listened — she went back into the yard until I pulled up. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I didn’t have Ring.” He must have been so relieved that she listened and no doubt has learned his lesson and won’t be leaving the gate open again! Watch the video and the reaction of the dog as soon as she hears her dad’s voice say her name.

A call was enough to put an end to his scenic walk. As soon as the puppy realized that her escape had angered her dad, she is returned home immediately!


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