Dog Fakes Paw Injury But Dad Hilariously Outsmarts Him Saying He Cannot Go For a Walk

Omg, I laughed so hard (Video)

Who hasn’t pretended being sick just to avoid school or some boring family reunion. Or even act injured to avoid being picked on a team for a game. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to leave the house – and would sooner snuggle up in a blanket in front of the TV than face the outside world. But who knew that even our four legged friends were the same? This adorable dog has left people in stitches after faking a paw injury to get out of going on a walk with his owner.

This dog named Harry certainly knew how to play hurt when his owner began looking for him. The little dog comes up with clever way to get more attention. In the video, the white dog is seen hobbling around with his front paw raised while following his owner down the hallway. Speaking to his dog, the owner says: “You got a bad paw? You can’t go for a walk. You can’t walk like that.” With that, the dog happily trots off on all four legs, with his owner adding: “Oh, your paw is all better now isn’t it.” But quickly changing his mind, the dog then collects his lead before handing it to his owner. One user said: “A miracle – I can walk now!”

Injured paw suddenly and miraculously get healed

Another user added: “How dare you call this anything other than the beautiful miracle it so obviously was.” A third user added: “Insurance fraud at its finest.” Sharing their own experiences of their pets faking injuries, one user said: “My dog tried this a couple of times for attention.” While another user added: “I used to have a horse that would do this. He would suddenly develop a limp when he saw the saddle come out. But when he realised that also meant he couldn’t go run in the arena with his friends, he was magically cured.” Watch the video, Harry’s injured paw suddenly and miraculously get healed!

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