Dog Finds Refuge In A Tyre To Flee From Violent Owner – Heartwarming Rescue

Heartwarming rescue (Video)

DAR Animal Rescue, a volunteer organization in Greece, posted a touching video online in which they rescued a helpless puppy. The owners have tortured him in the past and then dumped the dog like trash. Apparently, at some point, he got sick, and the owner decided to abandon him. He sought refuge in a pile of tyres. Thankfully DAR Animal Rescue received a call about the dog and rushed over. The volunteer saw his little face and she vowed to help him. His days of suffering were over!

She went over to pick him up and bring him to her car. That is when she noticed that he was badly mutilated. His “family” that was supposed to love him, tried to cut his ears off. The dog, later named Cooper, also had a bad case of mange. The moment he’s brought inside the rescuer’s car, his tail began to wag. This is what he needed most: to feel safe and have a good meal! Next, Cooper had to head to the vet who put Cooper on a course of treatment and kept him in-patient for a few days. He determined that Cooper was only 10 months old! All Cooper wanted to do was drink and eat. And that was a very good sign!

They knew that love was the best medicine

The little dog got stronger and it was time to head to DAR’s shelter. He was still weak and scared but the caregivers kept reassuring him. They knew that love was the best medicine. He was still very hungry and would eat as often as his new human friends would allow. Cooper’s fur quickly began growing in nice and shiny! His whole face changed. He’s healthy and happy! Then DAR received the best news possible! A very nice family in England reached out, wanting to bring Cooper home. He was getting a new family and everything was falling into place. Watch the video, can you believe Cooper’s transformation? The puppy who hid in a tyre, with mutilated ears and bad mange, now had only happy, healthy days ahead.

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