Dog Found Dragging Around A 10-Pound Chain Finally Has It Removed – Heartwarming Rescue

Heartwarming rescue (Video)

When rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis saw a medium-sized dog dragging around a 10-pound chain, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Apparently, the dog was abandoned, but the previous owners did not even remove the chain from the poor dog. She could barely keep his head up, and it looked like she was bowing her head on purpose. No one really knows how long the dog was roaming the streets with his chain, and thinking about it more would be just depressing.

The dog noticed the humans, and the moment he locked eyes with them, the rescuers began pulling out some food to try to lure her with it. The dog was very timid, and though she was obviously hungry, she kept away from the humans. The rescuers did not give up on trying to win the dog’s trust. It took some time but the rescuers were able to drive her to their shelter. The rescuers were surprised to weigh the chain with their own hands, realizing how unfortunate the pooch was. Rescuers couldn’t wait to get that chain off from around the poor dog’s neck.

Freedom at last!

They tried weighing the chain and were surprised upon seeing that it weighed almost 10 pounds. They named the dog Fallon Marie and welcomed her to the rest of the family. Marie never hesitated to show her affection toward her kind rescuers after they removed the weight from her neck. At that moment, Marie knew that she is going to be safe in their hands at the shelter. Marie’s gratifying smile was priceless. Watch the video, the dog’s reaction afterward was enough to break people’s hearts.

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