Dog Gets Caught On Camera Trying To Steal Food From Counter – Hilarious Reaction

The dog had been caught red-pawed (Video)

This adorable dog named Luke is good at a lot of things — like making people who meet him smile. What Luke isn’t so good at, however, is being a sneak. But that doesn’t stop him from trying. One of his escapades was actually caught on camera by his owner. The other day, Luke’s owner, Traci Grimsley, was working on her computer in the kitchen when her dog evidently hatched a plan.

There, on the kitchen counter, was a container of tasty food that Luke just had to have. And despite the fact that Grimsley was in the room, Luke went for it. Luke appeared determined to get to the food inside. It didn’t even seem to phase the pup that his owner was literally in the kitchen watching him.“I was facing the opposite way, so he didn’t think I was paying attention,” said Grimsley.

The dog got busted in the proces

The pup had been caught red-pawed — and he knew it. It was immediately evident that he’d been caught and he was in trouble. “I wasn’t surprised that he tried to get the food, but I definitely didn’t think he’d be able to reach that far back!” Grimsley said. “I have to push everything back on the counter as far as I can.” But don’t feel too badly for him. “He had just eaten his dinner,” Grimsley said. Watch the video, Luke’s plan had failed and his reaction his hilarious.

She noted that her pup will often do things for attention. She has referred to Luke as a “permanently mischievous toddler.” Luke is lucky he’s so adorable – we can only imagine that this clever pooch probably exploits his cuteness in order to get away with all his little antics.


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