Dog Gets Trapped in Gorilla Enclosure at Zoo And Get Chased by Silverback

Dog gets trapped in gorilla enclosure at zoo (Video)

Dramatic video captured the moment a stray dog wandered into the gorilla enclosure at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park — as the crowd of visitors went ape over the scene. Staff and guests were shocked to see a dog inside of the gorilla enclosure, and called San Diego Humane Society for help. The dog appears frightened as the gorillas approach it. Onlookers can be heard gasping in fear as the gorillas move towards the dog. “Oh, no no no no,” one woman said. “It’s believed that the stray dog wandered into the park on his own and managed to get inside the habitat before being spotted,” the organization said. Park visitor Desteniey Pickett said that her family noticed the pooch running around in a panic as the beast began to chase it around the enclosure.

She said some guests called for help while others yelled one gorilla’s name in efforts to distract it from the canine interloper. Staff and guests“were shocked to see a dog inside of the gorilla enclosure, and called San Diego Humane Society for help.” Another visitor, Robert Roles, captured the chaotic scene on video, which shows park staffers trying to bring the two gorillas under control.“They just started chasing after him and that was pretty nerve-wracking,” he said about the animals. “A lot of employees showed up from the zoo and they literally kicked us out.”

Two of the great apes chasing the pet pooch

The group’s Samantha Clark told that she used a calm, friendly voice with the dog, who “just wanted to go out. He was in a new environment with new smells. Obviously getting chased by a gorilla would make him nervous,” she said. “I would imagine the gorilla was probably more just trying to get the intruder out of their area, but I’m sure if he had put up a fight — he was probably ready to. Thankfully, Zoo staff were able to move the gorillas into a separate area while three of our Humane Officers leashed the dog and brought him to safety!” she said, adding that the male shepherd has been nicknamed “Mighty Joe Young.” He had no tags or microchip. Watch the video, the dog is chased by gorillas after wandering into zoo enclosure.

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