Heartbroken Dog Goes To The Shelter And Instantly Knows He’s Being Surrendered!

Watch when he arrives at the shelter!

Anyone that has ever had a dog knows that they seem to be able to tell when things are going on. Animals have a special sense. They know when things are not okay. A dog named Toto seemed to realize that he was being surrendered when he walked into the busy Carson Animal Control office, in California. In the video, you see the moment when Toto, a three-year-old dog, was surrendered along with some of his food.

You can tell that Toto figured out pretty quickly what was going on. He can be seen jumping up on his owner’s leg and trying to pull to get away. The look on Toto’s face says it all. But his owner, either oblivious, or totally uncaring, makes no move to touch or reassure his dog. The reason Toto was given up was that he is too vocal. Well, that is a flimsy excuse to give a dog up, considering that it only takes a small amount of time and effort to train your dog properly. The Carson Animal Control office was desperate, this presented a problem for them, they were full, and Toto needed to find a foster home because a dog that is surrendered by their owner can be put down for any reason.

Flimsy excuse!

This left Toto in an even worse situation than he might have thought. Unfortunately, in times of extreme overcrowding, like now, the shelter is forced to put animals down for space, regardless of how fit they’d be to be adopted out. As the video says, the look on Toto’s face says it all.  You can see him almost begging the callous person holding the other end of that leash not to do it, to give him some more time to get it right.  However, the person is unmoved, and Toto was taken in by the shelter. Watch the video, the good news is less than 24 hours ago, Toto didn’t find a foster home, but got adopted instead!

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