Dog Has Hilarious Reaction When He’s Caught Destroying Fence So He Can See His Friend

Hilarious reaction when dog is caught destroying fence (Video)

Elizabeth Potter, 30, from Minnesota, US, was getting ready for work when she noticed her Saint Bernard, Everest, fixated on a part of the fence. He was scratching and poking his head against the fence. What was he up to? Well, seconds later, it becomes clear when Bear, the neighbor’s 2-year-old English Mastiff sticks his head through a hole in the fence.

Trying to get close to one another, Bear and Everest put a hole straight through the fence with their giant heads. The 30-year-old nurse said: ‘It wasn’t until bear poked his head out that I realised that they ruined the fence my husband had built by himself. ‘I honestly thought it was hilarious. Dogs will be dogs. ‘She’s a female, he’s a male, and it’s not the first time our giant Saint had ruined something expensive. ‘My husband, on the other hand, did not find it funny at all.’

The neighbors come up with a solution

After seeing the pair of dogs so desperate to play with one another, the neighbors come up with a solution to make it easier for the dogs to play with each other ‘My husband and the neighbours decided to put up a swinging metal gate so that they can let Bear into our yard whenever and we can use their hot tub whenever.’ Sounds like a sweet deal for the owners and the dogs themselves. Watch the video, the dog reacts in a funny way when he realizes he has been caught.

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