Dog Has Hilarious Reaction When He’s Caught Destroying His Bed On Camera

Hilarious reaction when caught pulling his bed apart (Video)

A quick and meaningful apology is usually the best solution when you’re caught doing something wrong. The second-best solution? Freeze in place, run to the couch and casually pretend like nothing happened. Arlo went with the second one. Arlo the Italian greyhound isn’t usually destructive, but he’s occasionally inclined to dig in his bed. The one-year-old pooch thought he could get away with shredding the bed while his owners were away – unaware he was being watched the whole time.

His dad, Garry Mill, caught him with stuffing in his mouth. Mill was out of the house at the time, but was able to check on Arlo using a mini-camera he had installed. Usually Mill doesn’t use the camera’s microphone feature because he doesn’t want to upset or confuse Arlo with the strange noise. But that day, worried that Arlo might eat the bed’s stuffing, Mill decided to give it a try. “As soon as I spoke to him he froze and he never went back to the bed,” said Mill. “I didn’t realize how funny the clip was until I went home and watched it back.”

Dog getting caught red-pawed by owner

Arlo’s lovable face and endless charm ensure he won’t be in much trouble at all — especially considering his parents love him so much. Arlo was adopted by Mill and his fiancée, Chelsea Watson, in between COVID lockdowns. The pair, who live in Carnoustie, Scotland, grew up with dogs and wanted one for their new family. Pretty soon, they found the perfect fit. “Arlo’s demeanor is amazing,” Mill said. “He is so loving and always wants to be cuddled, and wants up in my arms like a baby. He is very playful at times but crashes out quickly, and loves being in bed with us.” Watch the video, Arlo’s naughtiness has garnered millions of views.

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