Dog Interrupts His Mum’s Teaching Lesson In Front Of Her Students – Hilarious Reaction

Hilarious reaction from the dog who wants attention (Video)

Dogs can be quite a handful sometimes, but that’s what makes them adorable. They might interrupt you during your work for some attention, and we still could not help but forgive them for that, just as what this particular dog did during his mom’s teaching lessons. Cats, dogs, and other pets alike have the urge to fish for attention from their fur-parents. Deanne Bourke, who is the Boxer dog Archie’s owner, was working on a video teaching lesson, by reading on a book.

As Deanne begins to read, Archie hops up onto the couch and sticks his face right up close to his mom’s. He can see that her attention is preoccupied with something else, and it simply isn’t good enough. He’s the center of her world, isn’t he? The needy boxer begins to tap his mom’s arm with his paw, but his mom proceeds to read the book without pause. When this doesn’t work, he decided to switches to tapping the book. However, it seems to also not work. Archie became really confused as to why Deanne pretends to not notice him. He then begins to try harder, hoping that he will eventually get his mom to give him some attention.

He successfully distracted owner from her book

Deanne tries her best to remain professional, ignoring Archie’s thirst for attention. The needy Archie continues his attempts, like a child. His mom however remains to be in her own zone. But we can’t help but laugh at Archie’s stubbornness in his act. You’ll just love how he sits up beside his mom wearing such a sullen expression while tapping his mom on the shoulder, as well as her book. Eventually, Archie successfully distracted Deanne from her book. Deanne had no choice but to explain to her listeners what was happening. She said, “You can see that Archie is being very naughty this morning. He is wanting attention, and he’s actually sitting on the couch, when he’s not allowed to be. I’m not sure what’s going on with Archie today!” Watch the video, the adorable clip has gotten attention just as much as Archie got his from his working mom.

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