Dog Is Afraid To Go Up The Escalator – Owner Displayed An Enormous Amount Of Compassion

Dog is afraid to go up the escalator (Video)

When a person adopts a dog, it usually becomes part of the family. Loving owners would do anything to keep their pet happy and comfortable, no matter what it takes. Sometimes that means doing something weird in public, all for the love of an animal. A man took his dog out with him to a shopping mall and his companion wasn’t overly keen on taking the escalator to the next floor. What follows next is both entertaining and touching for any pet lover.

The man headed with his pal toward the escalator, but he hit a snag before he could get onto the machinery. An object like a moving staircase would make no sense to a dog. After all, the floor never moves at home. So, naturally, this dog stopped in his tracks when he saw the escalator shifting in front of him. So in an act of protest the dog dipped the front of his body toward the ground. The dog was simply scared. Rather than sitting down and acting like a “bad boy” during the walk, he bent forward to show his owner that there was no way he was stepping a paw onto that escalator. The owner does not pull on his dog’s lead as it sits on the floor, very much holding firm in its position like a stubborn child.

In an act of protest the dog dipped the front of his body toward the ground

Instead, this amazing owner displayed an enormous amount of compassion for his furry friend. He bent down, wrapped his arms around the dog, and hoisted him up. With the dog in his arms, the man stepped onto the escalator. All he cared about was his precious pup’s comfort. You can see in the video that onlookers are both amused and emotionally touched by the love for his pet. As for the dog, you can tell by its face that it’s having the time of its life. It’s sitting in his arms like a baby – and finally acting like a good boy! Watch the video, the dog seemed totally relaxed now that he was in his human’s arms.

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