Dog Is Curious And Frightened About A Tiny Box – Adorable Baby Goose Waits Inside

His reaction is hilarant (Video)

This is such a great animal video and you will laugh so hard when you see these two in action. It always cracks me up when I see big dogs frightened or confused by much, much smaller animals. At just 14 months old, Hugo the great Dane is the exact same way. As you can see, this gentle giant is more like a curious puppy than the brave beast people probably expect him to be. Hugo may be big, but he gets confused very quickly when his mom brings a surprise into their home.

Like many first encounters, when Peter reveals the surprise hiding behind the box, the great Dane has no clue what to make of the tiny creature named Darcy. After all, he’s never seen something like that before and he probably hasn’t seen many other birds, either. Watch as the two are introduced for the first time with the little goose in a box chirping away. See how the video as it goes on shows Hugo trying to get closer to the little duck.

Best of friends!

Luckily, instead of barking or trying to attack the strange newborn, Hugo is very gentle and keeps a safe distance, so he doesn’t frighten Darcy. It’s amazing how this little goose is not one bit afraid of this dog that must look like a giant to her. Hugo just keeps trying to give Darcy a lick but the duck keeps him away. See who is in control in this video as these two try to get to know each other. It may be early in their relationship, but something tells me that these two are going to make the best of friends! Watch the video, you will get such a kick out of watching these two completely different sized animals trying to relate to each other.

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