After Living Under A Dumpster For 11 Months, His Life Is About To Change!

An incredible transformation ! (Video)

Dog rescue videos can be some of the saddest yet cutest videos there are out there. Many of the dog rescue stories are just so heart breaking to think about, especially when they tend to be tragic before the big rescue. Some dogs have really seen it all, having gone through some of the worst times ever. Luckily, they have lived to show that they overcame and most of them have found a forever loving home or is at least back on track, healthy and happy. In a popular viral video, a Blue Heeler dog is rescued after living in a dumpster for almost a year – how sad is that?!

Thanks to rescue group Hope for Paws, a dog who had been abandoned was given a second chance at life. This dog spent the past 11 months of his life living underneath a dumpster in Compton, California. He was abandoned by his previous family and forced to fend for himself in the only shelter he could find. For almost a full year, a kind human would visit the frightened dog and leave him food to eat. Hope for Paws received a call about the scared homeless dog and they jumped at the chance to save him.

His transformation will move you to tears!

The canine looked very scared and hungry while taking refuge under that dumpster can. Thanks to the Hope for Paws group’s skills with a simple cheeseburger and a makeshift leash along with great coaxing skills, the Hope for Paws crew was able to lure the super cute and super sweet dog out of the area and into their safety. They then took him back to the Hope For Paws home base. Watch the video, this dog rescue video makes me cry but check out what happens to him!

After a bath and a vet visit, Cowboy, as they name him, begins to act noticeably happier and more comfortable around his new human companions. Cowboy’s sweet personality started to shine through. Coastal German Shepherd Rescue stepped up to help find Cowboy a home, and now he’s living the dream with his own family.

The canine looked so happy and healthy after its rescue – it was even caught on camera playing around with a teeny tiny kitten! Cowboy, was then adopted by new foster mom, Chelsea Fragnoli, who has taught the affectionate dog some new tricks!


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