Dog Locked In a Cage His Whole Life – Priceless Reaction When He’s Finally Released

Priceless reaction when he’s finally released (Video)

It seems unbelievable to most people, but for whatever reason there are actually humans out there who think that chaining a dog up and keeping her in solitary confinement is a perfectly normal thing to do! There are actually people out there who refuse to give dogs like Sarah, the proper medical care and emotional love and support that every dog needs and deserves to live a good life.

Some dogs don’t get the best life. They have owners that are cruel, and that was the story that Sarah had to live for the first part of her life. This gorgeous dog was punished to solitary confinement constantly, and was on a very short chain. She was never able to move that much from where she was, and she was always sad. The owner said that he noticed that sometimes it looked like she wanted to be touched, but he couldn’t do it because she was “yucky.”

A second chance

Thankfully, an amazing group of rescue workers came into the picture and took Sarah away from those miserable conditions. She was cleaned up and given a second chance at life. When Sarah came to the shelter, she was covered in fleas and was very hesitant about anyone touching her because she had never had such contact. The abused dog was able to get the help that she needed – and now the dog loves her new family. She is healthy and she’s free. She’s not experiencing solitary confinement anymore and she has the ability to move around. Watch the video, now she can experience what being a dog actually means.

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