Dog Loves To Swim And Throws A Major Tantrum When It’s Time To Leave – Hilarious

Dog’s reaction is absolutely hilarious (Video)

There are some pups who really love to swim. Bella is definitely one of them. She was having such a great time playing in the lake that she simply refused to go home when called. When her owner announced ‘Time to go Bella,’ she threw a tantrum like a toddler; howling at her owner and the sky, swimming away from shore in circles and pounding the water with her paws. 

After posting the video, Bella’s owner Laura Gibbs says she’s been accused of animal abuse. “I have been accused of everything under the sun, including abuse and that I’m starving her to death etc. based on a 2 min video. It amazes me the number of “dog whisperers” there are in the world that know her better than I do. She’s a very vocal German Shepherd and had a meltdown, and it cracked me up. I don’t think it makes me a bad pet owner as so many people have accused me of being”, wrote Gibbs. Luckily, the entire thing was caught on video so that the world can see what a silly and stubborn dog that Bella can be when she does not want to do something. She clearly did not want to get out of that pond and that is when hilarity ensued.

When it was time to go home, Bella got very upset!

She was just enjoying the nice lake water when her humans had to come and ruin it all. Bella’s humans would like you to know that “no dogs’ hearts were actually broken in the making of this video, since she got to enjoy the lake for a while longer after her very dramatic performance. Watch the video, what this funny german shepherd does is priceless when her mom tells her that swimming time is over!

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