Hilarious – Dog Owner Sets Up Camera After Receiving Noise Complaints From Neighbours

They were totally amazed (Video)

There are always neighbors who can drive you crazy with all the noise they make. It turns out that the neighbors of this man have been sending in countless noise complaints for excessive screaming and loud music. The man was understandably confused because all of these complaints occurred when he was away at work. Tucker’s owners thought the whole thing sounded seemed kind of strange—so they installed a hidden camera to find out what all the commotion was about. So after doing a bit of detective work, he decided to set up a “nanny cam,” according to the description of the video, to see just where this noise was coming from.

His pooch always loved to sing with him whenever he played at the piano, so he placed the camera right in front of the instrument. As it turns out, the lonely little ball of fluff at home was tickling the ivories to pass the time while everyone else was away and the camera captured the pet playing the piano and howling along. Sometimes you just need to sing and play your heart out! This little pup was putting on a show each day for an audience of one. 

He started singing along

Trust me he wasn’t expecting this at all. Like he would have never even imagined his pup could do this! As soon as his people left, the adorable dog quickly climbed on the piano and started striking some awesome notes! Not only that, he started singing too! Yeah imagine you want into a house and you see an adorable little pup playing the piano and woofing in harmony! Jaw dropping right?! When they came home and watched the footage… Well, millions of people around the world have laughed! Watch the video, I knew he was going to play piano, but when he started singing along, I lost it. So funny!

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