Dog Pulls Tiny Child To Safety After The Waves Cause Her To Tumble

Dog pulls tiny child to safety (Video)

How can you not love dogs? Not only are they man’s best friend, they are also our rehabilitators, carers, companions and heroes. When you’re a dog, turning off the instinct to protect is not an option. Such was the case for faithful Matyas, a giant fluff-ball of a dog who’s a bit suspicious of the ocean. He and his family were enjoying a relaxing day on the beaches of France when, in his mind, they narrowly escaped disaster. Matyas put up with his owner’s young granddaughter playing in the waves for a little while, and he even consented to getting his big furry paws wet since it meant he’d be able to watch her more closely.

For this dog, a day at the beach quickly turned into a rescue mission when his beloved human sister took a tumble in the ocean. One minute they were frolicking happily in the water, the next he was diving in like the bravest of lifeguards. When a rogue wave knocked the young girl slightly off balance, he knew it was time to be done with the ocean’s shenanigans and move the little girl safely to higher ground. Fortunately, this massive pup was nearby when the bad wave knocked the girl off her feet.  She went giggling into the water, but the pup’s mission was clear: he was to rescue her right away! 

Mom couldn’t believe her eyes

Matyas gently grabs the girl by the shirt and pulls her away from the (gently) tossing waves. The caring pup even made sure to stop every few feet to make sure the girl was still doing okay! Mom couldn’t believe her eyes as their brave Newfoundland “rescued” her daughter. Matyas’ heroics have been watched online over a million times, and commenters have both praised his vigilance.  He’s definitely someone you want to have around at the beach! Watch the video of this sweet moment for yourself, it’s clear everyone is safe when Doggy is on beach duty!

Now people all over are calling this overly protected pup a hero for his quick thinking.

The little girl giggles adorably the entire way. It seems she doesn’t care if she’s being pushed by the ocean or pulled by her grandmother’s dog. She’s just enjoying life at the beach!


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