Dog Runs Off To Neighbor’s Every Day – He Throws A Major Tantrum When Owner Picks Him Up

Dog throws a major tantrum – His reaction is hilarious (Video)

This boxer was not happy she had to leave neighbor’s house and you won’t believe what she did to demonstrate her displeasure! When you look at her, you’d think that Daisy May is just like any other boxer but she has one heck of a personality! She’s a rather willful dog who’s not very fond of rules! In fact, Daisy May likes to skirt the rules whenever she can! Every single day, Daisy May runs off to the neighbors to see a friend. And every time, they have to go pick their dog up and drive her home. And she’s never happy about it. The sassy dog gives lots of attitude and throws a temper tantrum!

“You know you’re not supposed to be in here, right?” Daisy’s keeper asks her inside the car. “You come over here every day, this isn’t your house!” However, that didn’t seem to worry Daisy May! Not one bit! We can see her whine and sigh as if she’s trying to tell everyone that she’s quite comfortable where she is and has no wish to be elsewhere! “You’re supposed to be home with Mac, you leave him there by yourself all the time every day!” says Daisy’s keeper, “and we have to come get you when it’s time to eat dinner. Daisy! I’m talking to you!” Daisy doesn’t seem to take kindly to being chastised, so she turns away from her keeper and lies down on the backseat!

The dog talks back to Mom and lets her hear all about it!

“Why don’t you like staying home?” Daisy’s groaning intensifies as if something’s troubling her or she simply can’t make up her mind about what to do. She then starts throwing her head back and when she does it’s like she’s rolling her eyes at her mom. Instead of an apology, Daisy lets out a loud bark and a whimper! This is Daisy’s way of saying ‘Whatever! Leave me be!” She sure has an attitude problem! Watch the video, see how the dog reacts when she’s forced to leave neighbor’s house!

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