Dog “Runs Over” a Man Who Was Crossing The Street – Passersby Come To His Aid

Dog knocks man crossing road (Video)

A man was crossing the road when a unbelievable incident was actually captured on camera. The video has gone viral on social media. The speed of the collision caused the man to topple over and hit the asphalt flat on his back. CCTV footage shows how the man, reportedly a taxi driver, leaves his vehicle in a car park but fails to notice the oncoming dog as he steps out into the road.

Although there is a zebra crossing a few metres to the side, he doesn’t use it as he steps into the road. The dog can then be seen thundering into view at top speed, knocking over the man and causing him to fall to the road with a thud. The man’s fall fails to faze the dog, which continues running out of view at top speed. The man can then be seen clutching his lower back in pain as he writhes around on the road and drags himself onto the pavement before passersby come to his aid.

Passersby come to his aid

The incident took place in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. According to witnesses, the dog had been abandoned by its owner, who had opened his car door and let it out onto the street. The dog then chased after its owner down the road as he drove away, knocking over the crossing taxi driver in the process. Watch the video, the footage subsequently went viral on social media, racking up hundreds of thousands of views across different platforms.

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