Dog Throws A Major Tantrum When He Realizes Owner Refuses A Bite Of His Sandwich

Dog throwing adorable tantrum (Video)

We all relate to the adorable puppy eyes a pet makes when he expectantly waits for food. You slave over the stove to cook yourself a delicious homemade meal and after it’s finally ready, you plate it and sit down to eat. They start pawing or barking at you. Sometimes they’ll just stare at you with a terribly pathetic look on their face. The begging face. The face your dog makes every single time you try to put anything into your mouth. Dinky, a Great Dane, seems to have mastered this skill in attempts to extract food.

In this hilarious video, we find Dinky’s owner sitting comfortably to have a bite of his sandwich. But that comfort was short-lived as soon Dinky’s keen eyes spotted food, and he sits right in front of dad, staring him down and waiting for food. Owner simply asks him to stop staring at his lunch when he already ate his own. But Dinky is unperturbed. He wouldn’t back down until he got a bite! Dinky starts grumbling and snapping his jaws in owner’s face, protesting the fact that he can’t have any sandwich.

The dog talks back to his owner and lets him hear all about it!

He keeps trying to reason with the dog but the dog is in full on tantrum mode. He just keeps barking and protesting and throwing his little fit. There are two other dogs in the room who have better self-control than Dinky. One of her Great Dane siblings, Romeo, pops up and gives dad that pathetic looking face we were talking out, but he doesn’t dare join in on Dinky’s outburst. You can tell these dogs are seriously loved. Maybe a bit spoiled, but they are definitely loved. Watch the video, see how the dog reacts when his owner doesn’t want to share his sandwich!

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